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Spend less time with email, share in a right way

Inc is a private and modern place to share things with your team, company or clients. You can share links, notes, questions and files. Mention on someone to get their attention. Upload designs or screenshots with the Chrome extension.

Organize discussions with groups and tags

Create groups for different teams like Development or Design, or for collecting information for certain topics like UX or Feedback. You can also unsubscribe from groups if don’t wish to get updates.

Use flexible #hashtags anywhere in the content to organize even further.

Universal search let’s you find things when you need them

Inc is built around search and it captures everything you put in. Use hashtags to find things even faster.

Daily email summaries, no distractions or missing out

You can subscribe to the groups that interest you to get daily summaries delivered to your inbox. No more emails with just one link or discussion threads clogging your inbox.

Customer Case: EventMobi

“At EventMobi we hate email and have tried a variety of different services to remove non-urgent discussions from email. Of every service we tried, Inc was the best way to share knowledge asynchronously between the team and have discussions for these topics in a contained, historically searchable knowledge base without disturbing anyones daily flow.

We rolled it out to our whole company in a single day and it was instantly obvious to everyone how useful Inc was across our engineering, sales, support, and design teams.”

Bijan Vaez, Co-Founder & CTO, Eventmobi

Feature Index



Add @-mentions for co-workers to notify them.

Read-unread tracking

Inc tracks who have seen the post so you know people check things out.

Like posts

Give kudos for great content or ideas with likes.

Emoji support

Use emojis in comments to communicate better.

Drag & drop gif animations

Communicate your feelings by drag & dropping gif animations to comments

Post Content

Post with Chrome extension

Post links, files or notes with the Chrome Extension or with a bookmarklet.

Write notes

Write notes or pages to Inc with the rich note editor.

Markdown support

Notes and comments support markdown.


Drag & drop files from your computer

Drag & drop files to the compose window to upload and share them to your Inc.

Choose a file from Dropbox

Share files from Dropbox.

Paste images from clipboard

Paste images to the compose window to upload and share images or screenshots from your clipboard. **Chrome only**



Create groups for different teams or topics. Subscribe or unsubscribe to get updates.


Use hashtags anywhere in posts or comments to organize content.

Filter posts

Filter posts by all / unread / liked.

Email Integration

Email digests

Receive personal digest about new posts and notifications in your Inc.

Email notifications

Receive important mentions or activity notifications instantly.

Comment via email

Respond to comments with email.

Post via email

You can post notes, emails or links directly via email.



Inc works with modern browsers. For best experience we recommend Chrome or Safari.

Mac OS X

Mac app makes it even easier to use Inc and receive notifications.

Mobile *planned*

Mobile client is planned.

App Integrations


Set Inc to automatically push new updates to a Flowdock flow.


Set Inc to automatically push new updates to a Hipchat channel.

Google Drive / Docs

Post links to Google Docs with meta-data to Inc even they're private.


Post tasks from Trello with metadata to Inc.


Post notes from Evenote with metadata to Inc.


Post new updates in Basecamp with metadata to Inc

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