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Inc helps you to discuss and share information without emailing everyone.

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Inc enables you to easily share links, notes, files and have discussions inside your team or company. Think of it as a better mailing list. Learn more about the features ›

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“At EventMobi we hate email and have tried a variety of different services to remove non-urgent discussions from email. Of every service we tried, Inc was the best way to share knowledge asynchronously between the team and have discussions for these topics in a contained, historically searchable knowledge base without disturbing anyones daily flow.” Bijan Vaez, CTO at Eventmobi

"Inc is exactly the tool we have been waiting for! We finally have a place to share cool ideas and have an open dialogue. Ari Tulla, CEO at BetterDoctor

“In a short time Inc has become one of the most valuable services we use. It is how we share and discuss the content we find daily. Stuff that would get buried in the inbox is now being discussed and shared in a much more productive environment.” Jon Lax, Partner at Teehan+Lax

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We aim to make company communications more delightful and more productive.

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