Getting Started

Inc is the place for your team to share knowledge and discuss interesting things. Getting started with Inc is easy:

  1. Install the Chrome extension & App
  2. Post a interesting link or note
  3. Invite co-workers to share and discuss


Your Feed collects all the posts that've been posted in different groups. The posts appear read or unread, and show how many comments they have.

When you open a item everyone can see that you have read it.

Posting to Inc

The Universal compose window

Posting new things to Inc is easy. You can post to Inc in three ways:

  1. Compose button in the app
  2. Chrome Extension or bookmarklet
  3. Using email

Best Practices & Use Cases for Inc

So now you have you Inc set up. Here are some of the best ways to use Inc in your company.

Share and discuss relevant news

Share links and news for your company and have discussions in one place where everything is archived and searchable later. For example use Inc to collect Press hits, stories about competition, interesting blog posts, useful videos and more.

Post new ideas

Inc is a great way to get ideas from anyone in the company. Write a idea (note), and post it to Inc for everyone to see and give feedback on.

Ask questions

Need help or need to know something from the company? Post a questions (note) to your Inc and get answers from your coworkers

Collect important knowledge

Make notes about relevant things, Wifi passwords, new employee instructions, relevant services or phone numbers. Simplify your employee onboarding having everything available next time when a new person joins your team.

Build your company culture

Encourage and allow everyone to share more knowledge and to follow important industry matters.

Document meeting notes

Document important meetings notes to Inc for everyone to see and comment on.

Share new files or ask for feedback

When you create a new document or file, let other people know about it and ask for feedback.

Alternative to a mailing list

With the daily email digest, Inc can work well as an alternative to a mailing list.

Company wiki

Inc features rich note capabilities, so you can use it as a flexible wiki and a general knowledge repository.

Using Inc

Posting things to Inc

You can post three types of content to Inc: links, notes and files. When sharing links, Inc automatically gets a preview for link, and embeds the content in case of pictures or videos

Using Rich notes

Notes and comments in Inc use Markdown for the formatting. You can see the complete syntax summary at here. Inc also supports Github Flavored Markdown.

Inviting coworkers to Inc

To invite your coworkers and collegues to Inc, head to Settings and type their email address. Once they have accepted your invitation you can start collaborating in Inc.


Organization administrators can create groups for different teams. You will see all groups but they can be muted to silence notifications and hide new items from user's feed.

@-mentions and tags

To mention another user, type @ and their name when posting a comment. User will be notified in Inc and with an email.

To label posted items, tag them in the title, note or comments with a hashtag (e.g. #meetingminutes or design). To see items posted with a specific tag, you can click the tag or search with it.

Save links and notes with email

You can post links and notes into your Inc with email. Get your personal email address from the account settings page. When posting a link, rest of the message is saved as a comment. If you don't have a link, a note is created with subject line as the title. You can also forward complete emails to your Inc.

Saving with email can also be used with popular IFTTT service to subscribe to RSS feeds or other updates. To set up Inc with IFTTT, create a Gmail channel with your personal email as the recipient address.

Getting notified about new updates

Inc sends a daily email digest about new unseen things in your Inc. You can also get desktop notifications by enabling them on the Settings page or installing our Chrome browser extension

Integrating Inc with Hipchat or Flowdock

Your Inc's admins can set up Inc to post newly added updates to Hipchat or Flowdock on the Organization Settings page